Pricing - Shaka Lifestyle Coaching

Pricing plans to suit your level of commitment



  • Price per hour
  • Starter pack: 2hrs initial consultation plus 30mins every day for 4 days £250 
  • Habit checkers, planning, recording and daily feedback forms
  • Regular session packages available to suit your needs


Mobile PT


  • Price per hour
  • Packages available
  • Contact me for a free, no obligation, face to face consultation
  • basic nutrition advice
  • mindset tools to help you achieve your full potential


Bike Specific and Online PT


  • Price per month paid in advance
  • Specific periodised training plans
  • Progressive strength training program
  • basic nutrition advice
  • mindset tools to help you achieve your full potential


Kick Start Plan


  • One-off fee
  • Includes progressive strength training
  • Ongoing nutrition support tailored for you
  • Mindset tools to help adherence
  • Continued contact


Peak Performance


  • Contact me for full details and initial free no obligation consultation


What do customers think of Shaka Lifestyle Coaching?

  • She wont hurt you, belittle you or lie to you, she will make you laugh, smile and love life
    Wife and Mum of twins and Interior Designer
  • One of the best decisions I have ever made for myself
    Wife and Mother
  • Adel is motivating, friendly, positive and makes working out fun
    Health Worker
  • “Working with Adel has been a gift! I'm eating smarter, getting faster and loving the improvements in flexibility and strength. She is a badass fairy godmother who makes magic happen!”
    IT Account Manager and Mountain Biker
  • Life changing!
    Former DH World Cup Racer and Insurance Specialist
  • The best value for money I spend a month.
  • Adel has been my primary source of fitness and nutritional help now for over a year. Based on my fitness levels and how I feel now, I can strongly recommend you take her up as your PT