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Adel Tyson

I teach people how to become the best version of themselves so they can have more energy, confidence, freedom and success to genuinely live life to the full.


About me

I have over 10 years of experience in personal coaching and high performance. I am a former professional athlete with national and world titles from early to mid 2010’s, I have competed and succeeded in Ironman and short course triathlon, endurance events such as 24hr races and have excelled in many sporting professions. There are very few sports that I will not have had direct experience in at a competitive level, everything from Speed Skating to Pedal Car Racing, Bikini competitions to boxing.

“I want to see you succeed. My success is directly proportional to your success. Helping people achieve their goals makes me happy and I have enough enthusiasm for everyone”

I approach everything in life from a calm, rational and educated place. I have been a competitive athlete for as long as I can remember and all of the knowledge I have accumulated over the years through my own effort, education and coaching I can simplify and use to help you achieve your goals. I have years of proven results with a huge range of clients from top end athletes, entrepreneurs to families and children.

I believe as humans we need long term goals with realistic challenges, markers and achievements along the way. We tend to overestimate what we can achieve in an hour, a day, 12 weeks but massively underestimate what we can achieve in one year, five years, ten years.

Whatever your goal, challenge or desire to achieve is, you will struggle to succeed without a clear plan and a strong mind. I genuinely believe I could achieve anything in the world that I set my mind too. I have dedicated most of my life to succeeding in one form or another and along the way I have helped many people who cross my path. My desire now is to succeed in helping others reach their full potential and truly love their life.


• Level 3 Personal Trainer
AfN and REPS level 4 certified Nutritionist
• Mindfulness and life coaching diploma
• Level 3 British Triathlon Coach
British Cycling Coach
• Swimming instructor specialising in open water
• Certificates in Zuu fitness, CrossFit, TRX and Boxercise

Personal Goals

• To feel successful, powerful and worthwhile
• To validate my life and have purpose
• To show and teach people that you can live in peace, with contentment and self love
• To do the same as others, but do it better

  • She wont hurt you, belittle you or lie to you, she will make you laugh, smile and love life
    Wife and Mum of twins and Interior Designer
  • One of the best decisions I have ever made for myself
    Wife and Mother
  • Adel is motivating, friendly, positive and makes working out fun
    Health Worker
  • “Working with Adel has been a gift! I'm eating smarter, getting faster and loving the improvements in flexibility and strength. She is a badass fairy godmother who makes magic happen!”
    IT Account Manager and Mountain Biker
  • Life changing!
    Former DH World Cup Racer and Insurance Specialist
  • The best value for money I spend a month.
  • Adel has been my primary source of fitness and nutritional help now for over a year. Based on my fitness levels and how I feel now, I can strongly recommend you take her up as your PT