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Life mentoring, personal training and nutritional coaching for peak physical fitness by Adel Tyson

The days that make us happy make us wise

Adel teaches people how to become the best version of themselves so they can have more energy, confidence, freedom and success to genuinely live life to the full.

Intermittent fasting for hormone balancing

Fasting for Sanity

I coach women through a fasting program to bring sanity back to their lives by stabilising their hormones.


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Peak Performance - Shaka Lifestyle Coaching

Lifestyle Coaching – Peak Performance

To succeed in life you need to be emotionally and physically fit. Being fit for life is about having great energy, mastering your own thoughts and having a winning attitude.


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I work with people who want to change their views and values around nutrition.


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Personal Training - Shaka Lifestyle Coaching


I tailor every session to meet your needs to help you achieve your fitness goals either online or in person.


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Sports performance training - Shaka Lifestyle Coaching

Sports Coaching

I provide bespoke coaching programs designed to suit your needs and the demands of your sport.


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  • “Adel is amazing, she is very knowledgeable and very reassuring. She is also really honest.”
  • “I had actually read quite a lot and listened to podcasts but there was always a reason to not get started. It’s made a big difference to me to have someone just tell you when to start and give you reassurance and guidance.”
  • “I was a bit unsure to start off with being a vegan but Adel has been hugely amazing in supporting and helping me find ways to manage that. Adel is amazing her knowledge is incredible she explains everything fully and makes it relevant. She is hard hitting and we always have a laugh. The group is non judgmental and wonderful to be part of. I was poorly for 3 years with a misdiagnosis causing a huge amount of weight loss and hormone imbalance, I also had a tendency to binge eat! If you had told me 30 days ago I would manage to go 2hrs without eating I would have laughed but I managed 36hrs and I felt on top of the world. I felt absolutely incredible.”
  • “I joined the course because one of the comments about hangry being linked to hormonal imbalance really resonated with me. I really want to be the best I can be during this phase of my life, I felt that my eating my health my fitness had deteriorated along with my hormones. I was amazed that I was able to fast! the 15 and 17hrs were a new thing for me I was someone who would eat dinner then snack, I always had to eat breakfast I’ve been amazed by what my body can do! I did try other things but any research led me to be bombarded with adverts for supplements, fad diets and someone’s secret hack. What I’ve found on the FFS course is a new insight into my own body, I’ve got new beliefs about what I can do and I’m in a much more even keel emotionally.”
  • “Over the last few years I have been kicked in the butt by menopause, I have worked hard to improve myself but I knew there was 20% still missing. I joined the FFS course and what a difference it has made! It has changed my relationship with food and hunger, I never believed I could fast for 24hrs let alone 36 but I have done 2 of those now and I feel amazing! I now have a really good tool for the future and I’ve lost some of the stubborn menopausal midriff. I couldn’t recommend this course highly enough please do it!”
  • She wont hurt you, belittle you or lie to you, she will make you laugh, smile and love life
    Wife and Mum of twins and Interior Designer
  • One of the best decisions I have ever made for myself
    Wife and Mother
  • Adel is motivating, friendly, positive and makes working out fun
    Health Worker
  • “Working with Adel has been a gift! I'm eating smarter, getting faster and loving the improvements in flexibility and strength. She is a badass fairy godmother who makes magic happen!”
    IT Account Manager and Mountain Biker
  • Life changing!
    Former DH World Cup Racer and Insurance Specialist
  • The best value for money I spend a month.
  • Adel has been my primary source of fitness and nutritional help now for over a year. Based on my fitness levels and how I feel now, I can strongly recommend you take her up as your PT

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